1. Ways To Avoid A DUI On Halloween

    Halloween is just around the corner, and Northern Colorado has plenty of fun activities to celebrate - many of which include drinking alcohol. Don’t get yourself caught in a bind by drinking and driving on Halloween. While we have a great lawyer here in Loveland to defend you if you get a DUI charge, remember that Ores’ Law strives to provide you with the best information which is why today’…Read More

  2. Common Driving Distractions

    If you’ve been following our blog posts, you should already be aware that there are nearly 6 million vehicle accidents that happen in the United States every year. Although the causes of these accidents vary, this number includes pedestrians and bicyclist. However, one of the most prominent reasons that these accidents are happening on the road in the first place are due to distractions. Distrac…Read More

  3. Don’t Be Part Of The 6 Million Traffic Accidents

    Lawsuits are something that many people try to avoid at all costs. But, you should know exactly when to call your  lawyer in Loveland or Fort Collins for the help you need. Lawsuits are tricky, and if you don’t know much about the lawsuit you’ve been charged with, or are charging someone else with, you may end up losing the battle. Because of this reason, and the importance of when to hire a …Read More

  4. Top Five Most Common Personal Injury Claims

    Personal injury claims are one of the most popular types of lawsuits we deal with on a daily basis here at Ores Law in Fort Collins. We’ve recently explained more in-depth about products liability claims, and slip and fall claims. If you are interested in learning more of the top five most common personal injury claims we assist our clients with in the Northern Colorado area, keep reading… Ass…Read More

  5. Most Common Liability Claims

    Personal injuries happen often, but when it does, are you prepared? Injuries can happen at any time of day, and they usually happen when you least expect it. And, believe it or not, under some circumstances personal injury is best dealt with by filing a lawsuit or claim. Here at Ores Law in Fort Collins, we believe that your well-being matters. So, here are the top five most common personal injury…Read More

  6. Hire a Business Attorney for Assistance

    Starting a business is one of the biggest moment in your life. Because it is such a big deal, we want you to know how utterly important it is to make sure all of the necessary documents are filed correctly the first time. It can be difficult to know for sure if you’re doing everything correctly unless you have a business attorney on your side. In our previous post, we talked about contracts and …Read More

  7. Start a Business with Confidence

    Starting a business and making sure all of your ducks are in a row can be a difficult thing to do by yourself. There are a lot of steps you need to take, including filling out the appropriate documents and understanding all possible legal ramifications. Also, keep all of the business entities in mind, like liability, taxes and other advantages or disadvantages you may not have thought of. It’s h…Read More

  8. Advantageous of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

    Let’s face it, you don’t get married thinking that you will end up getting a divorce. Ores Law understands that life happens, and people change. When you realize that you are living an unhappy marriage, and you are ready to make a change in your life, our divorce lawyers are standing by. In our previous post, we gave you some insight into why divorce lawyers are necessary. We included that the…Read More

  9. Advantageous to Divorcing with an Attorney

    Whether you want to admit it or not, going through a divorce is never an easy thing to do on your own. Even if you believe that your divorce is mutual, you can’t be sure that it won’t get messy. Because of this, Ores Law in Fort Collins, Colorado recommends that you use an attorney when filing for divorce, and here is why. Expert Advice It’s not always easy to get what you think you deserve …Read More

  10. Declare Bankruptcy with a Lawyer

      You are not the only one in life that has hit a rough patch. There are many people in the Loveland area that have had financial issues. For the past few years, the economy has affected many people, leaving them without enough money to pay for bills. Essentially, there is nothing left to do but to declare bankruptcy. If this sounds like the situation that you are in, you should think about h…Read More