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Avoid Getting A DUI This Holiday Season

At Ores Law, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, you get behind the wheel thinking you’re okay, but in reality, you’re a danger to yourself and others. At Ores Law, we specialize in criminal law in Loveland, CO, and the surrounding areas. As a law firm that is familiar with criminal law, we’re able to help you navigate the tricky road of DUIs. However, with some of these tips hopefully you’re able to avoid a DUI this holiday season. If you are faced with needing a criminal lawyer, call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Tips To Help You Avoid Getting A DUI

These tips shouldn’t only be taken into account during the holiday season, but also during the entire year. Many more people during this time of the year drink and drive, unfortunately, which is why DUIs are so high this time of year. With the abundance of holiday parties, New Years parties, and the slick, snowy roads, more people cause accidents and DUIs than any other time of the year. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, contact a criminal defense attorney at Ores Law.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Ever since you received your driver’s license you’ve probably heard this piece of advice. Your parents told you, your driving instructor told you, your health class went over statistics and past classmates who have died from drunk driving accidents, and you’ve seen the commercials and billboards that advertise the dangers. You’ve heard from many different sources how you should not drink and drive and we’re going to reiterate it once again. Don’t drink and drive. You’re smarter than that. Also, you’ll end up paying more in court fees, fines, and other factors that won’t balance out how much the mistake was worth it. In addition, you’re liable to get your license suspended and even spend time in jail if this was not your first offense. Do yourself a favor and don’t drink and drive, instead stay in and drink.

Know Your State Laws

Know the laws in Colorado when it comes to drinking. If you are under 21, you shouldn’t be drinking anyway, but if your blood alcohol content is over .02 percent you can get a DUI. If you’re older than 21 and have the blood alcohol content of .08 percent you’ll receive a DUI. If your blood alcohol content is over .05 percent you’ll receive a DWAI, which is a Driving While Ability Impaired. A DWAI can be issued if you’re between .05 percent and .08 percent and is just as bad as a DUI. It depends on your weight and whether you’re a woman or man on how quickly you can metabolize alcohol. Be conscientious of your body weight and the backlash of what can happen when you drink and drive.

Apps Are Your Friend

There are many different apps to help you avoid getting a DUI. First, there are breathalyzer apps to help you track your number of drinks and there are apps to help you get home. If you don’t feel comfortable where you are, call a friend, parent, or get an Uber or Lyft to ensure you get home safely. To breathalyze yourself check out DrinkTracker or Intoxicheck,  both help you figure out your blood alcohol content and the apps challenge you to see how sober you truly are.

Stay safe this holiday season and avoid getting a DUI. If you’re in need of a criminal lawyer, call us at [uxi_button link=”9704610754″ new_window=”0″ tel=”1″ class=”button-block button-34″ padding_x=”” padding_y=”” text=”(970) 461-0754″ text_size=”14″ text_size_mobile=”” text_font=”header-font” sub_text=”” sub_text_size=”12″ sub_text_size_mobile=”” sub_text_font=”header-font” icon=”” icon_size=”12″ icon_size_mobile=”” icon_align=””].