Business Formation Lawyer in Northern Colorado


Colorado State Law, as well as personal preference and practicality, determine which business forms professionals, entrepreneurs, and other aspiring business owners choose when they start a business. The appropriate documents and filing are important, and will carry legal ramifications for you down the road. Different business entities carry different advantages, disadvantages, tax consequences, and liability. Whatever your needs are, Ores Law in Fort Collins and Loveland can help you determine whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, professional limited liability company, or a professional corporation is best for you. Then, we will properly prepare and file the appropriate documentation, so that you can get down to business.


There is a wide range of business contract types, and each contract is different in its own right, contingent upon the needs and desires of the parties involved. Terms, duration, monetary compensation, performance, arbitration provisions – all of these are areas that must be duly examined and set down in writing for your protection. Here, an experienced attorney is essential in helping you avoid problems in the future. Ores Law has experience in drafting, fine-tuning, and reviewing all types of contracts.