It is not usually the intention of a couple to get divorced. Sometimes people fall out of love, sometimes there is abuse,Ores Law - Divorce and sometimes people realize that a marriage is no longer the best life path to take. No matter the intentions of the divorce, there are going to be trials and tribulations emotionally, financially, and legally. It’s necessary to remember these aspects during the dissolution of a marriage, and working with a qualified divorce lawyer can help make the process easier.

How to Get Divorced in Colorado

  • One petitioning spouse (petitioner) must file the Case Information Sheet.
  • The petitioner must then file for a Dissolution of Marriage to the State of Colorado.
    • This includes filing paperwork; double check with the local courts to ensure they will take this paperwork.
    • The petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union in Colorado currently costs $230 to file with the District Court.
    • There are different divorce processes to follow depending if you have minor children who are dependent or not.
  • Following the Dissolution of Marriage the petitioner files the Summons for Dissolution of Marriage and the Sworn Financial Statement.
    • The Sworn Financial Statement may include a Supporting Schedules form if there are minor children involved.
  • The petitioner should review all documents with a local divorce attorney and then serve them to the other spouse.
  • The served spouse should not sign any papers alone. He or she should contact a lawyer or sign the papers at the courthouse under the witness of a notary.

Alternatives to Filing Divorce in Colorado

  • Work with a local family counselor to strengthen the marriage and familial bonds in hopes of avoiding divorce.
  • File for legal separation.
    • Legal separation is similar to divorce, but it does not end the marriage; therefore, both spouses are not free to legally marry again.