Children rely on both parents as role models. It’s a commitment that parents make when they decide Ores Law - child support momto have a child, and it’s the commitment that must beupheld, even if the relationship dissolves. A child should not suffer because the parents can no longer get along. Because some parents neglected children during divorce or separation, the Colorado has put child support laws into action.

Child support is more than financial support. As previously stated, children benefit with both parents as role models. It helps children learn different points of view about life. However, children still need financial support. Child support laws ensure that the child is cared for in a well-rounded way.

The financial support and emotional support must be stated directly and approved by the state. While it seems difficult to quantify support in terms of love, it is necessary to create a legal binding agreement between both parents in order to protect the children. Working with a child support lawyer can help create a fair agreement that is acceptable under law.

Parents are responsible for maintaining the child’s same quality of life following the dissolution as he or she would
have lived should the relationship have stayed together. Support includes health insurance and expenses such as child care, medical, educational, and travel.  The parents are required to support the child until 19-years-old or 21-years-old if the child is still in high school. Ultimately, a parent’s responsibility is more than a paycheck to the child. Our professional child support lawyers at Ores Law are available for a free consultation to discuss child support laws and legal agreements in Loveland and other Northern Colorado towns.