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Family law issues require a lawyer with a compassionate approach. At Ores Law, we have helped many individuals with family law issues including divorce, paternity, and post-divorce enforcement. We have spent decades honing our problem-solving techniques, and we are pleased to offer help to anyone with a family law dispute on the horizon. Please call Ores Law today to talk with a Fort Collins family law attorney today.

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A man has no obligation to pay child support—and no legal rights to custody—until paternity is established. In Colorado, an unmarried man can establish his paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity.

Nonetheless, a paternity suit in court is sometimes necessary, and a judge might order DNA testing. Ores Law can represent either side in this dispute.

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The end of a marriage is often emotional, even when two people agree to go their separate ways. Divorce can be simple, taking only a few months, or incredibly complex. Ores Law can assist with an uncontested or contested divorce.

Many issues need to be decided as part of a divorce:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Division of marital property and debts
  • Alimony

We can attend mediation and work collaboratively to reach an amicable split. When handled right, an uncontested divorce sets couples up to co-parent effectively. However, Ores Law is also capable of litigating a divorce in court when your spouse is being unreasonable.

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Enforcement & Modification

Many exes continue to squabble long after receiving a divorce decree. Ex-spouses disagree over many issues, including whether one parent is refusing visitation or failing to pay support. Ores Law can assist with:

  • Child custody modification. You might need to modify custody in response to significant change, such as your child getting older or changes in your work schedule.
  • Parental relocation. One parent might want to move with the children far away, even out of the state. Disputes can break out because any significant move can make it harder to see your children. We have represented parents on each side of this issue.  
  • Grandparent visitation. Grandparents often seek visitation with their grandchildren, but Colorado law generally grants parents the power to deny visitation. However, Colorado law creates exceptions for grandparents to seek court permission in certain situations.
  • Child support enforcement. Parents sometimes stop making payments, and you need to involve the courts to compel compliance with the child support order.
  • Child support modification. One parent might seek to modify child support because of a significant change in income or life circumstances, such as disability, job loss, or incarceration.
  • Alimony modification. Alimony might have an end date, or it could last until either spouse dies or the recipient remarries. You might seek to cut off alimony if your ex cohabitates with someone.

Many issues crop up after divorce, and you should consult a seasoned Fort Collins Loveland Larimer County Northern Colorado family law attorney about your legal rights.

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A prenuptial agreement isn’t solely for the wealthy. Many of our regular clients have benefited from a prenuptial agreement, which allows them to identify their rights in the event of divorce or death. Here are some reasons why you might consider a prenup:

  • You have a small business, and you want to ensure you take 100% of it in the event of divorce. You can use a prenup to characterize small business assets as your separate property.
  • You can waive any right to alimony in the event of divorce.
  • You have children from a previous relationship and want to protect their inheritance rights even though you get remarried.

Ores Law can help negotiate and draft a solid prenuptial agreement, or we can argue to a judge that the agreement you seek to avoid is invalid. You should work closely with an attorney who understands the relevant law.

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Attorney Nicholas Ores prides himself on creative problem solving to some of the toughest family law disputes. He is an excellent listener who excels in negotiation and mediation, where seeing a dispute from all sides is key.

Based on his decades of experience, he is also a forceful advocate for his clients in court after negotiations falter. He realizes that sometimes his clients have no choice but to fight it out in court, and you want his experience on your side. You can trust our law firm to represent your interests in divorce, paternity actions, or post-divorce proceedings.

Please contact Ores Law today. Our Fort Collins, Loveland, Larimer County Northern Colorado family law attorney can meet to review your dispute in a free consultation.


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