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What Our Law Firm Does


What Our Law Firm Does

If you find yourself in a little trouble and you need a law firm that has your interests in mind, then you’ve found one with integrity and an array of focus law areas. Our law firm focuses on providing an aggressive representation while also embedding integrity into each case we take on. A lawyer is a necessity for when you’re facing some trouble as well as when you’re trying to figure out your future estate plans to ensure your family is taken care of.

About Our Law Firm

Our law firm is located in Loveland. What sets us apart from other law firms in the Northern Colorado area is that we customize our approach toward figuring out the best course of action for each case we take on. As a law firm on the smaller side, we meet with each client who comes to else to help to determine what exactly you want from the legal outcome you’re facing. For instance, when it comes to business law, it’s important that you have a lawyer who will help you come up with a contract that represents your business. We will work with you to best strategize for your legal situation to figure out how to provide an aggressive representation. What’s important to know about our law firm is that we have experience — over 30 years of it — and we are well-versed in Colorado law. If you’re looking for a representation that’s knowledgeable, honest, and motivated to help you during this time, then contact Ores Law by filling out a free consultation form at the bottom of the page.

Our Legal Focus Areas

Our legal focus areas are listed below to help you know what to expect when you come to us.

  • Bankruptcy: Are you dealing with Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy?
  • Family Law: Are you going through a divorce, child custody battle, or need child support?
  • Criminal Law: Have you recently faced a DUI, traffic violation, felony, or misdemeanor?
  • Business Law: Make sure your business stays intact with contracts and agreements as well as forming your company with this legal service.
  • Estate Planning: Make sure your loved ones are taken care of with wills, trusts, and probates.
  • Personal Injury: Have you been injured in an accident?
  • Civil Disputes: We can help you navigate the negotiations during a dispute.

Why You Should Choose Ores Law

Ores Law is not your average law firm because we strive to provide an aggressive representation while basing it on integrity and a drive to do the best job possible for our clients. Ultimately, when you come to our law firm, you’ll have access to a lawyer who can put together a strategy to navigate through the case or create an estate plan that will keep your family safe once you’ve moved on. Additionally, we’re interested in providing you representation for your rights and making sure they aren’t violated.

The Cases We Handle

  • Our Law Firm
    Our Law Firm

                 As a Colorado law firm, we pride ourselves on serving those who are in need of legal help around the Loveland and Northern Colorado region...

  • Personal Injury
    Personal Injury

                 There are complex and stressful medical, financial, and emotional problems that stem from serious injuries. Many questions concerning culpability, insurance, medical treatment, and damages typically arise, and they can be difficult, if not impossible, to address alone...

  • Family Law
    Family Law

                 Issues of family law can be extremely stressful as well as expensive, but in the hands of competent, knowledgeable, and caring Ores Law, these factors can be substantially diminished...

  • Estate Planning
    Estate Planning

                 There’s more to Estate Planning than simply having your Will in order. Your Estate is whatever you leave behind when you pass on, and there are considerations beyond simply distributing heirlooms to loved ones...

  • Will And Testament
    Will And Testament

                 Wills are popular estate planning tools which allow our clients to identify who will inherit their assets at death. Without a will, certain family members might walk off with your most valuable possessions...

  • Trust Law
    Trust Law

                 Trusts are a popular estate planning tool in Colorado. At Ores Law, our firm is committed to helping our clients prepare for the future and trusts often serve an important role in many estate plans...

  • Civil Disputes
    Civil Disputes

                 Civil disputes are an area in which utilizing an experienced attorney is essential, possibly more so than any other area where the law is concerned. Ores Law provides knowledge that can efficiently and effectively affirm your rights and defend your interests...

  • Probate Estate Lawyer
    Probate Estate Lawyer

                 Probate is the legal process for distributing an estate after someone dies. Probate might only take a few months for smaller estates, but others can get stuck in probate for a long time...

  • DUI Lawyer
    DUI Lawyer

                 Ores Law has developed a reputation as a strong- knowledgeable law firm in Fort Collins Loveland and Northern Colorado for men and women arrested for drunk driving...

  • Traffic Attorneys
    Traffic Attorneys

                 Ores Law’s criminal lawyers in Loveland specialize in traffic charges because of the seemingly inconvenient charges that tend to follow...

  • Misdemeanor Lawyer
    Misdemeanor Lawyer

                 The state of Colorado classifies crimes into three levels: petty offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses, from least serious to most serious, respectively...

  • Felony Lawyer
    Felony Lawyer

                 The most serious classification of a crime is a felony. Within a felony, there are six classifications that determine the severity of the crime...

  • Business Formation Lawyer
    Business Formation Lawyer

                 Congratulations on starting a new business! Starting a new dream is a fun endeavor, and we want to make sure you have a strong foundation that matches your business goals and lifestyle...

  • Agreement And Contract Attorney
    Agreement And Contract Attorney

                 There is a wide range of business contract types, and each contract is different in its own right, contingent upon the needs and desires of the parties involved...

  • Divorce Lawyer
    Divorce Lawyer

                 Attorney Nicholas Ores is an experienced Fort Collins Loveland Larimer County Northern Colorado divorce attorney who has represented many men and women in contested and uncontested divorce...

  • Child Custody
    Child Custody

                 A child is the life of both the mother and the father. This life needs to be nurtured, cherished, and protected by...

  • Child Support
    Child Support

                 Children rely on both parents as role models. It’s a commitment that parents make when they decide...

  • Civil Lawsuit
    Civil Lawsuit

                 Civil disputes are an area in which utilizing an experienced attorney is essential, possibly more so than any other area where the law is concerned...

  • Bankruptcy

                 If you have previously read the blog on our website about our bankruptcy lawyers in Fort Collins and Loveland and want to learn more about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws...


                 The despair brought upon by bankruptcy can seem overwhelming. Despite the many reforms to bankruptcy laws in Colorado, the most efficient means to handle bankruptcy may be Chapter 7...

  • CHAPTER 13
    CHAPTER 13

                 There are a myriad of ways to eradicate debt. The best way to figure the right way to conquer debt is by working closely with a bankruptcy attorney at Ores Law in Loveland...


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