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Common Driving Distractions

If you’ve been following our blog posts, you should already be aware that there are nearly 6 million vehicle accidents that happen in the United States every year. Although the causes of these accidents vary, this number includes pedestrians and bicyclist. However, one of the most prominent reasons that these accidents are happening on the road in the first place are due to distractions. Distractions are what can cause injuries to happen, along with hiring an attorney for your claim. There are many distractions in this day and age, and because technology is on the rise, so are the distractions.

The attorneys at Ores Law care about your well-being and everyone else’s around you! By taking the next few tips seriously, you can significantly reduce your chances of causing a vehicle accidents and a personal injury lawsuit to happen.

Silence your phone prior to driving.

Putting your phone on silent is an easy thing to do! If you put your phone on silent before you start driving, you’ll be less likely to reach for if you hear a text message alert  or Facebook notification.

Put your phone in an unreachable area.

It’s easy to check your phone, even if you put it on silent. So, if you find yourself doing so, maybe placing your phone in an unreachable area is your best bet. Put it in the backseat or even in the trunk to keep you safe! If you have Bluetooth enabled technologies in your car, you should still be able to take incoming phone calls or listen to music you love, you’ll just have the distraction of the technology away from distracting you.

Using GPS?

If you’re using GPS on your phone, be sure that you map it out before hand. There’s nothing more distracting than trying to plug in an address into your phone. It’s also a great idea to look at the overview of the mapped out directions so you have a general sense of where you’re driving too.

Groom at home!

We know how it goes, you’re running out the door a little late, and you’re trying to get ready on the way. Ladies, mascara and lipstick should be put on at home or when your car is turned off and in park. Gentlemen, shaving your face (Yes, guys- this has happened) and tying your tie should all be done prior to leaving your home! The rearview mirror should be used for looking at cars behind you, not at yourself!

Familiarize yourself with all the car’s controls.

This tip is more for if you’re renting a car, or if you have just purchased a new one. Get to know the car before you put it in drive. We understand that you may need to turn on the defogger or brights on the headlights, but make sure you understand where the controls are and how to use them prior to driving. After all, taking a few extra minutes to do this can save you from a costly accident in the future.

Skip the drive-thru and opt to eat inside the restaurant.

Try your hardest to resist the temptation of eating on the go. You will be completely captivated by the food you’re trying to eat rather than the road. It’s also important to avoid opening any hot drink while driving too. Just imagine your reaction if you’re trying to open a hot beverage and it spills all over your lap. Instead, get your coffee ready to drink prior to putting your vehicle in drive and eat in a restaurant or when your car is in park.