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Distracted Driving Laws In Colorado

Have you recently been pulled over for distracted driving in Colorado? If so, make sure you contact the attorneys experienced in Colorado criminal law at Ores Law as soon as you can.

Colorado Distracted Driving Laws

In the colorful state of Colorado, laws define distracted driving as any activity you perform inside of your vehicle that distracts your attention away from your most important task, driving. This can include:

  • Eating or drinking
  • Using a cell phone
  • Using any other types of electronics

In fact, if you’re driving under the age of 18 in Colorado, you are not permitted to use your cell phone when driving your vehicle. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, which include reporting emergencies or when your vehicle is parked and you are not operating it.

Texting And Driving

In The Centennial State, it is completely illegal for drivers of any age to text while operating a motor vehicle. We have designated parking areas throughout the state where you can pull over and use your cell phone. Additionally, it is legal for you to pull over onto the shoulder of the road (if there is enough room) to use your cell phone. This law includes both phone calls and texting.

Exceptions To The Rule

  • Reporting a reckless or careless driver
  • Reporting a car accident, medical incident, fire, road hazard, or hazardous material on or near the road
  • You’ve witness a criminal act or you think one might be occurring
  • You’re in fear for the safety of your life

Ores Law’s criminal lawyers in Colorado specialize in traffic charges because they can have a lot of inconvenient charges that tend to follow. Call us today and let us represent you aggressively in court.