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Don’t Be Part Of The 6 Million Traffic Accidents

Lawsuits are something that many people try to avoid at all costs. But, you should know exactly when to call your  lawyer in Loveland or Fort Collins for the help you need. Lawsuits are tricky, and if you don’t know much about the lawsuit you’ve been charged with, or are charging someone else with, you may end up losing the battle. Because of this reason, and the importance of when to hire a lawyer to stand by your side, we wanted to share with you the top claims we deal with on a regular basis. We’ve already mentioned assault claims and work-related injuries, here is one more that is dealt with daily.

Road Traffic Accidents

Did you know that road traffic accidents are the leading cause of personal injury claims in the nation? That’s right, on average there are over 6 million vehicle accidents in a typical calendar year in the United States. With that being said, these injuries and accidents account for bicyclists and pedestrians as well as drivers. In fact, it’s no wonder more people are being injured with vehicle involved traffic accidents with more and more distractions on the rise. To name a few: smart phones, radios and passengers in cars are the leading distractors that can end up causing you to end up with a lawsuit. Of course, traffic injuries aren’t always caused by these distractions, but they are seen all too often!

Do you need assistance with your personal injury claim? Contact the leading lawyers in Northern Colorado, and stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll give you easy ways to stop distractions while driving once and for all.