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Estate Planning For Blended Families

Estate Planning In Loveland For Blended Families

Saying, “I Do” for the second time can be a wonderful thing! At the same, having a blended family can present an entirely new set of challenges when drafting an estate plan. Whether you and your new spouse have kids from previous marriages or assets you’ve brought into the relationship, Ores Law provides Loveland estate planning for blended families.

You Need An Estate Plan Tailored To Your Family

Drafting an estate plan that provides for everyone you love and fits your specific situation can prove tricky. However, without an estate plan, you have no way of ensuring that what you want to happen actually happens. Plus, relying on your children and spouse to work out everything is never a good plan!

Challenges Blended Families Face

When you have a blended family, there are a whole set of unique challenges you may face when estate planning.

  • Children can potentially be disinherited, even unintentionally.
  • Children can experience a delay in receiving their inheritance until after the death of your spouse.
  • You may need to protect your property and assets from previous spouses.
  • You might encounter disputes over the division of responsibility or authority.

Estate Planning Strategies

Ores Law offers special estate planning strategies for blended families to help you protect your loved ones and assets. Depending on your family’s specific situation, our Loveland estate planning attorneys can help you select and execute a viable strategy. Call us today!