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Get Help in Fort Collins and Loveland with an Outstanding Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney

Are you looking in the area of Fort Collins and Loveland for a bankruptcy lawyer attorney that you can trust all of your assets with? At Ores Law we put all of our focus onto you. We can educate you and guide you through the entire bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy can be a painful process in anyone’s life. With the help of our bankruptcy lawyer and attorney in Fort Collins and Loveland we can walk you through the process to help take the stress of bankruptcy of your shoulders as much as possible.

Do you know the difference between the chapters of bankruptcy? There are two different chapters, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. To put things into simpler terms, Chapter 7 is a complete liquidation of your assets. If you file for Chapter 7, you will be essentially starting over and scrapping everything with a clean start with your financial state.  Claiming bankruptcy with Chapter 7 is only allowed to married couples, individuals and companies.  Chapter 13 is an adjustment of your debts with your regular income. With Chapter 13 being an option, you will be able to pay off your debts as much as you can if you are an individual with a steady paying job. You will be paying a percentage of what you owe and you will be able to keep everything.  Our lawyers can help you decide and talk each choice through with you to make sure you are in complete understanding of both Chapters of bankruptcy. After you are in understanding of both bankruptcy choices, we can guide you to what the right choice would be.