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How To Dress For Your Court Appearance

Your court appearance is in a few days and you’re worried about what to expect. It’s your first time in court and while this is your first offense, you’re still nervous even though your lawyer told you what to be aware of. Since it’s your first court experience, then you probably need some tips on what to wear and what you should steer clear of. Whether you’re in court for a DWAI or for a felony, it’s vital that you dress appropriately and professionally. At Ores Law, our lawyers are experienced in criminal law. If you find yourself facing felony charges or misdemeanors, then take the time to contact a lawyer from a Top Rated Local® Law Firm.

Tips To Dress For Your Court Appearance

You were caught breaking the law and now it’s time for you to face your consequences in court. Your lawyer who practices criminal law has already briefed you on what to expect while in court, but what about what you should wear in court? If you’ve never been, you might think that jeans and a T-shirt might be OK. While that might be fine for some establishments, it’s vital that you dress and act a certain way in court. You want to come across as an upstanding citizen who can do no wrong, so you get the best outcome for your case. With these tips, you’ll be able to dress to impress for your day in court.

Tame Your Hair

The first tip we have is to tame your hair. This means that you’ll want to brush it and style it in an attractive manner. Don’t roll out of bed and head to court with bedhead. While that style might be great in school or your job, it’s essential that you care about your appearance. If there is hair dye in your hair, then wash it out. If your hair is a lovely shade of permanent cerulean, then style it in a respectable manner. You can even go as far as getting a haircut before your court appearance. As long as it’s in a neat, trimmed, and washed style, you should look presentable for court.

Take Out Any Piercings

Do you have facial or ear piercings? Unfortunately, while you may love the look of that nose ring or lip ring, you should take out your fun piercings. If you have any facial piercings or hoops going up your ears, then you’ll want to take them out to present yourself in a professional manner. While those piercings may show off your individual personality, it’s important that you play it safe and remove them in the car or at home before your court date.

Cover Up Tattoos

If you have a sleeve of tattoos, then take the time to cover them up. If your tattoos are in odd places, you can generally wear long sleeves, pants, or a long skirt to cover them up. If they are more out in the open, then invest in some cover-up makeup to present yourself in a respectable manner.

Dress Nicely

Lastly, you’ll want to dress nicely. For women, this means that you should wear respectable clothing such as a knee-length skirt, a quarter-length blouse, and low heels. For men, you can wear a business casual ensemble such as dress pants and a button-down shirt.

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, then don’t hesitate to contact a Loveland and Fort Collins criminal lawyer.