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Leading Fort Collins and Loveland Bankruptcy Lawyer Attorney

Unfortunately, times are tough. Even though the economy is slowly creeping it’s way back up and becoming better, many of us are still suffering from when the economy plummeted. Ores Law in Fort Collins and Loveland Colorado can help you with of the financial suffering you have gone through.We have many different options for you at our office including a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Fort Collins and Loveland has a lot to offer it’s people, including a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer attorney. We are here to give you the guidance you want and need to get your financials back where they belong. As you read above, we offer two different choices when filing for bankruptcy; Chapter 7 and  Chapter 13. So what are the differences you ask? To put it in simpler terms, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a full liquidation and Chapter 13 is a payment plan for people who have a regular income. With the guidance of our bankruptcy lawyer attorney here in Fort Collins and Loveland, we know that your end result will be better than what you expected.

With the help of our attorney here at Ores Law we can give you the advice that you need to become successful once again. We know the ins and outs of all the unique Colorado laws and can be just the knowledge you need to regain confidence in your financial status. If you are ready to come talk to our attorney about bankruptcy options in the Fort Collins and Loveland area, go online and schedule a free consultation.