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Learn About Personal Injury

Are you aware of your personal injury rights in the state of Colorado? Some people might think they know them, but sometimes there are a few instances that might skate under the radar. Ores Law wants to educate you about what your rights are and what you should know about personal injury in Colorado. Ores Law is a law firm that covers the Loveland and Fort Collins areas. Learn some information about Colorado personal injury laws below.

Personal injuries are when a serious injury happens and questions arise. Some of the things that could be questioned that have happened to you or a loved one are medical treatments, insurance, damage to you or a loved one, or liability on a premise or with a produce. Personal injuries happen when there is a negligent party and someone acted illegally or irresponsibly, which caused the accident. To give you a good example personal injuries happen when a surgery goes wrong, a car accident occurs, an event happens in a nursing home, or a product is harmful. There are certain statutes of limitations that need to be taken into consideration depending on what type of personal injury was sustained. For instance, if you were in a car accident, you have three years to make an injury claim.

When it comes to being in a car accident in Colorado, there is a no serious injury threshold, which means that you are able to file a liability claim against the other driver. Colorado is known as a fault state, which means that before action can be taken, an insurance adjuster needs to determine who is at fault.

Besides dealing with car accidents, however, there are other personal injury situations that a lawyer can help with. If you are facing problems with medical malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability, or another other way you were injured in a situation where someone else was at fault, we can help you.

Colorado personal injury laws are meant to ensure that you and your family are safe. An attorney from Ores Law will be able to help you take action for a personal injury that happened to you. Read more about our personal injury lawyers, or contact one today to begin rebuilding your life.