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Myths About DUIs

DUIs can be nerve-wracking. When you see those flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror, you’re probably thinking how to get out of the receiving a DUI. If you’ve ever had a DUI or you’re in the middle of fighting a DUI, then the criminal law attorneys at Ores Law can create a strategy to get the outcome that you want from your situation. A DUI is something that no one wants to deal with and when you come to Ores Law, we’ll do everything we can to create a plan that will be ideal for your situation. We cater to the Northern Colorado area in criminal law.

Three DUI Myths Debunked

DUIs can be a bit confusing and thus, a lot of myths have been created because of it. Getting arrested for drinking and driving comes down to a few things such as the state you live in and the situation you find yourself in. What may be illegal in one state is legal in another, which has created a variety of myths that we will be debunking today. We chose these three myths because they are generally misinterpreted. DUIs should be taken seriously and by being informed on what a police officer can and cannot do if you ever find yourself in a situation with a DUI, then you’ll be aware of your rights.

You Can Only Get A DUI If You’re Caught Behind The Wheel

The myth here is that you can only get a DUI charge if you are caught behind the wheel of a car while you’re drunk. This is incorrect. Drinking laws are written to be broad because they want to cover any alleged evidence of any form of impairment. You can be arrested if you’ve recently been behind the wheel and there are signs of alcohol or if you are attempting to get into a vehicle while intoxicated.

.08 Is When You Get A DUI

You probably think that if your BAC is over .08 percent, that’s the only way you can get a DUI. In the State of Colorado, if your blood alcohol content is between .05 and .08 percent, then you can get a DWAI. A DWAI is similar to a DUI, but it’s not supposed to be as severe; however, you can still face fines, jail time, and a mark on your driving record. A DWAI can be just as effective as a DUI and it’s below the legal limit.


The last myth we’ll address is that you have to cooperate with everything the officer tells you to do. You have rights even if you think you’re getting arrested on a DUI charge. It’s vital that you are respectful to the cop, but if you don’t feel comfortable and you want to wait until your lawyer arrives, then you have the right to do so. If you’re drunk and you don’t want to get in trouble, then you can respectfully be quiet and remember that anything you say or do can be used in a court of law.

If you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI and you need a DUI lawyer, then take the time to contact Ores Law. We have the necessary experience in criminal law to help you get the desired outcome for your case.