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Reasons For Suspension Or Revocation Of License

In Is It A Crime To Drive With A Suspended License?, we answered this question and addressed the legal ramifications involved. It’s important as a driver that you take this responsibility seriously. If you have too much to drink and you’re on the road, you can cause detrimental harm to those who are also driving around. Driving is a privilege. If you find yourself with a suspended license or one that’s been revoked, then take the time to contact our law firm. Our focus areas include business, civil, and criminal law. We also cater to the Northern Colorado area, so no matter if you’re in Loveland or Windsor, we can help you with a suspended, revoked, or a denied license.

Reasons Why Your License Is Suspended Or Revoked

There are many reasons that your license may have been suspended or revoked. As a driver, you’re probably aware of some of the reasons why this can happen, but it’s always important to go over it again. Sometimes, misinformation can be taken as accurate and, as a lawyer who focuses on criminal law, we want to make sure that you’re as informed as possible, especially if you’re currently dealing with this type of situation.

Driving While Intoxicated

This is one of the most common reasons why a license is suspended or revoked. Getting a DUI or a DWAI, you’ll face a lot of penalties and one of those penalties is a suspended license. You’ll also be arrested, detained, and you’ll need to take a test to figure out the level of intoxication that you’re at.

In addition, if you refuse to take a test to determine your BAC level, then you’re going to have your license taken away regardless if you are over the .08 percent. Having your license suspended and revoked due to a restraint on alcohol and drugs can become very serious because it also comes with fines and even jail time. On average, a suspended license can be extended to a year when it’s due to alcohol and drugs.

Driving Without Insurance

Another way that your license can be suspended or revoked is due to not having any insurance. If you’re pulled over and your car doesn’t have liability insurance or you can’t prove that you have it, then you can get a first offense for a suspended license. When you are on the road, it’s imperative that you have insurance.

Point-Based Suspensions

In the State of Colorado, there are point-based suspensions, which are made up of points accumulated due to your driving record. If you have speeding tickets, traffic ones, you’ve been caught driving reckless, or you have gotten in trouble for drinking drunk, then you’ll collect points. Once you reach 12 points in 12 months or 18 points within 24 months, your license will be suspended.

Child Support

Lastly, not following the compliance with an order to pay for child support can suspend a license. Not paying child support is one of the lesser known reasons why a license is suspended and it cannot be reinstated until it is proven that you are following the child support order.

Other reasons why your license may be taken away is that you didn’t stop at the scene of an accident that involves an injury or death, vehicular assault, and vehicular homicide.