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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Facing Criminal Charges

dreamstime_xxl_10089283Wouldn’t it be amazing if the criminal justice system was perfect? All the innocent people would go free, and all the guilty people would be convicted. Sometimes innocent people are found guilty, but what’s even worse is that sometimes defendants are their own worst enemy. Here at Ores Law, your criminal law experts in Loveland, Colorado, we’ve seen plenty of defendants make crucial mistakes.

Facing A Criminal Charge? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

Don’t hire the cheapest attorney.

We know that you want to save money, but hiring the least expensive lawyer can be a grave mistake. There are not many competent defense attorneys that can handle serious felony charges for $750.

Don’t demand to play an active role in your defense.

There’s a reason you hired a professional. We understand that a lot of people don’t trust lawyers, but if you do your homework and hire an experienced criminal lawyer, you will have done everything you need. We suggest resisting the temptation to “help” the attorney by doing your own legal research or requesting certain pretrial motions be filed.

Do not demand to testify at trial.

A criminal defense lawyer who is competent will always try to win the case without needing the defendant to testify. Why? When you’re the one charged with the crime, it’s hard to look good on the witness stand. The jury will be skeptical of everything you say.

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