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Two Weird Bans Recently Enacted In Colorado

Our great state of Colorado has become more famous for what it allows than what it has banned. For example, in January of 2016, Colorado pulled in over two million dollars from taxing legalized marijuana. However, The Centennial State still has its fair share of unusual bans. As a criminal lawyer in Loveland, we think you should be aware of these recent bans in our state in hopes that you can avoid a misdemeanor or another serious charge.

Two Weird, Recent Bans In Colorful Colorado

These two bans are fairly new and are all actually enforced. While they aren’t statewide bans, they’re also not outdated statutes from 1902.

Sidewalk Chalk

Children in Stapleton, Colorado will have to figure out another way to play sidewalk hopscotch. That’s right, at least one community in the state has completely banned kids from writing on the sidewalk with chalk. According to the Stapleton community association, “anything that offends, disturbs, or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment (sic) isn’t allowed.” Apparently, that includes innocent sidewalk drawings.

Raising Chickens

While you can grow marijuana (with restrictions) in Colorado, raising chickens isn’t as easy. Want a good dose of irony? Colorado’s larger cities are more chicken-friendly than rural areas. While Denver allows residents to raise up to eight hens or ducks and two dwarf goats for the small fee of a $20 license, Arapahoe County does not allow residents to raise chickens. This is largely due to concerns about cleanliness and coyotes.

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