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Warning Signs You’re Headed Toward Divorce

Divorce can be saddening for everyone involved. You take the time to build a life together and eventually you have to admit it’s not working anymore. Step-by-step you begin to dismantle your life together and learn how to live alone. There is a lot of speculation as to why divorce is higher now than it was 50 years ago. Some of the reasons as to why divorce rates are higher now, range from people not wanting to try anymore, the laws on divorce evolving, and our society changing. If your relationship was falling apart in front of your eyes would you be able to tell? If you are one of the many couples who is looking to get divorced, then Ores Law can assist you. Ores Law is a law firm that practices Colorado law in the Northern Colorado area. Our lawyers practice divorce, traffic offenses, DUI, bankruptcy, and more services. If you’re headed toward a divorce or you speculate that you are, then it’s best to set up an appointment with us.

Four Warning Signs You’re Nearing Divorce

If you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re headed toward divorce, then you probably aren’t wrong. With these four early warning signs that you’re headed toward divorce, you can either confront the issue head on and try to curb the impending road to divorce or you can take it for what it is and admit you’re going to have to dismantle the life you built together. If you decide to go down the road of divorce, Ores Law can assist you in the next steps. Read more about how our divorce lawyers can help you.

  • Your Feelings: Do you feel like your feelings are being ignored? Have you been ignoring your partner’s feelings? If neither of you care about each other’s feelings anymore, then it’s probably time to start thinking about divorce. One of the biggest signs you’re headed toward a divorce is when you can watch your partner get upset about something and not care that they are hurting. When you take a lack of interest in how your partner feels, it’s time to confront your issues.
  • You Don’t Care When You’re Drifting Apart: Can you feel the space between you and your partner? Do you even care about telling your partner about your day or closing the distance between you? If this is the case and you don’t care to change how you feel about your partner, then it’s time you talk to a divorce lawyer. A very prominent warning sign is when you can feel the distance between you two and you do not care to fix it.
  • Fighting Escalated: Has your fighting escalated? Do you argue over the silliest things such as who takes out the garbage or who needs to do the dishes? If the fighting between you has escalated, then you either need to work through the issues by calmly talking about the problem or think about getting a divorce if you don’t even want to try. When you begin to lash out at your partner over silly factors, then there’s probably a bigger reason for your anger.
  • Lack Of Communication: Is there a lack of communication? Is it like pulling teeth to figure out what the other person is thinking? A lack of communication is a huge sign that something isn’t right. If you can’t resolve simple conflicts, there are constant disagreements, or your partner constantly ignores you, then it’s time to start thinking about your options.

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