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Ways To Avoid A DUI On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and Northern Colorado has plenty of fun activities to celebrate – many of which include drinking alcohol. Don’t get yourself caught in a bind by drinking and driving on Halloween. While we have a great lawyer here in Loveland to defend you if you get a DUI charge, remember that Ores’ Law strives to provide you with the best information which is why today’s blog is all about different ways you can avoid a DUI this weekend.


The weather is projected to be rather pleasant this Halloween, which is quite the rare form for late October here in Colorado. This means you should be content with a stroll home following your Halloween festivities. Fresh air and walking on two feet are great ways to avoid a DUI.

Call A Cab

The best part of hiring private transportation to take you home is that you are no longer limited to the Yellow Cab companies we see in the movies. Today, Loveland and Fort Collins citizens are graced with new companies like Uber, Lyft, and Curb. This means you can find affordable rates, and you can schedule your ride ahead of time so you’re not left at the end of the party with no other ride.

Pick A DD

This is the most flexible and affordable option to escaping a DUI. Do you have a friend that loves to celebrate the holiday but would rather get drunk on sugar instead of alcohol? Call on them to be your designated driver. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Take Public Transit

Public transportation is an affordable, reliable method of transportation that will keep you out of the driver seat. Fort Collins offers the MAX. Or if you’re interested in a Denver celebration, check into the Bustang. It’s a charter bus that will take you from Northern Colorado to Denver, then you can call a cab for the rest of the way home. This will keep the fares down and the safety up!