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What Happens If A Defendant Doesn’t Appear In Court?

You made a mistake one night deciding to drive drunk and thought you could get away with it. You were charged with a crime because of an error in judgement. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s when you break criminal laws in Colorado that it becomes a sticky situation. However, even though you may feel like the entire situation was a misunderstanding or just a one-time deal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show up for your court date. While you may think the entire situation is not a huge deal, it’s imperative that you show up for your court appearance. No matter how small the crime is, it’s vital that as a defendant you show up because in many cases, the plaintiff will win and it could turn into a dire situation for you. If you have broken criminal laws in the State of Colorado, then we urge you to contact a lawyer who will represent you effectively.

The Three Situations That Can Happen If You Don’t Appear In Court

So you’re thinking about — or you have already — skipping your court date. While dealing with the law can be scary, it’s imperative that you come to terms with your error in judgement. You may want to ignore the situation because it’s easier, but if you do, then you could be looking at a much more dire situation. If you miss your court appearance, then the following can occur:

Bail Can Be Imposed

When you are arrested, bail is posted. The court may determine a lesser bond amount if the person who was arrested can’t afford to pay the bail outright. After an arrest, you will have been released when the bail is posted or a bond is secured. If you decide to not show up in court, then it will most likely generate an imposition of the bail as well as other penalties. Additionally, if you were supposed to post bail but you didn’t appear in court, then a forfeiture of your bail will occur. If a bond was obtained, which is a loan, then the bail bonds company will take the collateral and a bounty hunter will be sent to look for you.

Bench Warrant Can Be Issued

Another situation that can occur if you don’t show up to court is a bench warrant may be issued. A bench warrant is a method that law enforcement can use to arrest a person at any time. This means that you can be taken into custody at your home, business, or even out shopping. Law enforcement can look for you in these places as well since the bench warrant was issued to place you into custody for not showing up to court.

Additional Charges Can Be Brought

Deciding to not show up at your court date is a crime in and of itself. If you fail to appear in court, it can be seen as a contempt of court, which is comparable to a criminal conviction. This can result in both jail time as well as even more fines you’ll need to pay.

It’s best that you show up to your court date and if you can’t, then you let your criminal defense attorney know. For any questions about criminal law, contact Ores Law to get your answers.