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What To Know About Construction Law

Colorado is rapidly growing, especially throughout the Front Range. Condos and new houses seem to be popping up all over the place. While we’re lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, there seems to be construction everywhere and it can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a construction company that needs to stay on top of your game. Since there is so much construction, you need to ensure that your construction company is protected to the best of your abilities.

After all, between employment and property, construction companies have a lot to deal with. Whether that means hiring a lawyer who is proficient in construction and business law or one who can provide legal advice for a great fee, Ores Law is the law firm who can help construction companies do even better in the Colorado area because we know how to help you. For further information on Ores Law and how we can help your construction company, call us now.

What Is Construction Law?

Construction law touches upon business law. Construction combines a lot of areas, but they all apply to construction work. What’s interesting is how much it touches business law. Many lawyers who are well versed in construction law should also know a lot about business law. Whether you own your construction company and need to make up agreements and contracts with people you’re building for or you need to form business relationships with, the lawyers at Ores Law are happy to help. Agreements, contracts, and business go hand-in-hand with construction law, especially when you work with government representatives and private entities. Builders have a lot of regulations and rules to follow, so it’s vital that you hire a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of construction and business law.

Types Of Construction Law

There are many different areas of construction law, so it’s vital that you hire a lawyer who is well versed in it. A lawyer can help you with the following areas of construction law:

  • Planning And Approvals: When you’re in construction, you need government approval for the work that needs to be done. This includes standard approvals or working for variance use.
  • Business Law: When it comes to building a relationship with agencies and establishments, it’s vital that you have a lawyer who can create contracts and agreements to ensure both parties maintain the legal obligations.
  • Employment Law: This is a vital part of construction law since business owners are a majority of the reason companies are hired. Due to this, construction companies deal with management, firing, and hiring and need to follow federal and state laws.
  • Workers Compensation: Additionally, if someone is hurt on the job, then workers compensation is a vital part of making sure your company is protected.
  • Torts: The reason workers compensation is so vital is because accidents happen and that’s where torts come in. When someone gets hurt on the job, there could be lawsuits and a company needs to defend itself.
  • Property Law: Property law is a vital area of construction law because a building company will need to purchase and maintain the property it is going to build on with a knowledge of the land. Questions that have to do with zoning and other little nuisances need to be answered to ensure they are compliant with the laws.

For more information on how our Colorado law firm can meet your needs, contact Ores Law today.