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How to Reinstate Your License

In Is It A Crime To Drive With A Suspended License? and Reasons For Suspension Or Revocation Of License, we went over what happens when you have a suspended, denied, or revoked driver’s license in the State of Colorado. It’s always important to contact a lawyer who is familiar with criminal law to make sure that your rights are not being taken advantage of when it comes to a suspended or revoked license. If you have recently had your license taken away, then take the time to reach out to a lawyer at Ores Law.

One of the focus areas at our law firm is criminal law and that covers suspended and revoked licenses as well as how we can help you get it reinstated. In addition, if you need driving privileges because you need to get to work or take care of your children, we can also help you with those as well. For more information on suspended, revoked, and denied licenses, visit our Loveland location.

Methods For Reinstating Your License

Reinstating your license can be very satisfying because you’re finally able to operate a motor vehicle. The process can only be completed if the conditions of your suspension, revocation, or cancellation have been met. In addition, if your license has been denied, then you’ll need to meet those conditions as well for your license to be restored. The process for having your license restored can depend on your situation, but there are a few different ways to get it reinstated. Keep in mind that you can have your driving privileges restored earlier depending on your situation and if you talk to a lawyer about the circumstances surrounding your suspended license.


One way to restore your license is to do it online and this includes any reason that you had your driving privileges taken away. Keep in mind that you’ll need to visit the Colorado DMV website and go through the process of reinstatement, but it’s a lot easier to do because it’s on your own time and it’s faster. You can also view the requirements for your reinstatement as well as the eligibility date. Your reinstatement online is easy because all you need to do is follow the requirements and then upload the documents and pay the fee for your license. Most people hate standing in line for the DMV, so skip the process and just do it from the comfort of your own home.

In Person

Another way to do it is in person; however, this method is limited depending on the reason your license was suspended. This way can be beneficial for people who have questions or want to make sure the process is completed instead of going back and forth with the Department Of Revenue. Reinstating your license in person have some requirements when it comes to unpaid tickets in Colorado or out of state, child support, and point suspension. For example, you’ll need to pay the compliance of the court, pay a reinstatement fee, and you may even have to get a new license and pay that fee as well.


Lastly, you can decide to reinstate your license by mail. To do it by mail, you’ll need to complete the DR 287- Application for Reinstatement, mail it, and then wait about 20 business days to get the clearance for your reinstatement. Mail can take a little longer, but no matter why your license was suspended you can do it through the mail.

For more information on methods for reinstating a license, talk to a lawyer.