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Take These First Steps When You’re Getting Divorced

People get divorced for many different reasons. From falling out of love to deciding that they want different things, divorce can be a long, difficult, and tiring process. There are the couples that have been together for years and ones that have only been married for a short while. The unfortunate truth is that divorce can happen to anyone. When you’ve decided to get a divorce, you need to go through a long process of figuring out property, children, and debt, which is why when you take the first initial steps toward divorce and preparing yourself for the long process you’ll have a smoother transition.


The First Steps To Take When You’re Getting Divorce

In Warning Signs You’re Headed Toward Divorce, we discussed how you know that you’re headed toward a divorce. Today, we’ll be going over the first important steps you’ll need to go through when you and your partner have decided to get a divorce. These steps will ready you to head into murky waters and ensure the process is simpler and smoother than what you may be expecting. Once a divorce has begun to occur, a majority of people want to be as far from their partner as possible, which is why it can be vital to hire a lawyer who can ensure you are getting fair treatment in the divorce.

Prepare A Detailed List

The first step to take when you’re about to get divorced is to prepare a detailed list of your assets and any debts you and your partner may have. These items should be all taken account of to share with a lawyer. Assets include physical items such as homes, vehicles, and vacation property as well as financial items like bank accounts, investments, and even retirement plans. When it comes to debt, you’ll need to make a list of car leases or loans, credit card accounts, home equity loans, and any personal loans you may have such as student loans. By preparing a detailed list, you’ll be able to divvy everything up properly without having to sift through various items you shared together.

Create Own Accounts

Another step toward getting a divorce, which is very helpful, is to create your own account. This includes setting up new banking accounts, credit card accounts, even your own accounts for insurances and everything down to your Netflix account. By creating your own fund, you’ll have access to money because as the divorce begins to take off you’ll have a temporary hold on your account so you don’t transfer or open new accounts. By opening your own accounts before the divorce, you aren’t hiding money and will be included in your marital estate, but you’ll be protecting your assets from a possibly unhappy spouse who is looking for retaliation.

Think About Your Child

Consider your child as you begin to head into divorce. Do you want to be the primary caregiver? Do you want to share custody? If you want to be the primary caregiver, then begin to document your activities and have a residence so you have a better chance of gaining custody for your child.

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