1. Ores Law Firm For Criminal and All Your Legal Needs

    Nick Ores has over 30 years experience to represent you through legal services you may need in Fort Collins. He offers a wide range of legal services of the Northern Colorado Area. He can help with many legal issues: Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Child Support; Criminal: DUI, Traffic, Felony, Misdemeanor; Personal Injury or Civil Disputes and more!  Contact Ores Law firm for your fir…Read More

  2. Ores Law of Northern Colorado & Central Illinois

    Contact Ores Law to get experience, honesty and integrity. They offer multiple types of legal help such as estates, trusts, bankruptcy and several others. Ores Law has offices in both Peoria, Illinois and Loveland, Colorado. Make an appointment today, visit at www.oreslaw.com and receive your free consultation.…Read More

  3. Contact Ores Law Firm For All Your Legal Needs

    Ores Law Firm work hard with each individual case.  They work with residents in the state of Colorado as well as the state of Illinois. Ores Law Firm have many specialized practices to serve you better. To receive your free consultation visit oreslaw.com.…Read More

  4. Ores Law Is Here To Help You!

    Ores Law Firm offers the best rates for their time, treat you like family and truly cares for you while the they work on your case.  Ores Law Firm offers these legal services: wills & estates, civil disputes, divorce & child custody, personal injury, business & bankruptcy as well as criminal defense! For your free initial consultation visit oreslaw.com today!…Read More

  5. Estate Planning

    Do you need help with estate planning? Do you want to protect your assets, and live comfortably knowing that everything is taken care of when you are gone? Well at Ores Law we specialize in creating that comfort for you. Our knowledgeable lawyers will set up and get you going with your estate and bring you peace of mind. Visit www.oreslaw.com today for more information.…Read More

  6. Where to Turn

    It is difficult to know what to do when it comes to legal challenges. At Ores Law we can help you with many things legal, but we concentrate especially on estate, trusts and bankruptcy. We can help you weather the storm and come out the other side with a plan. Visit www.oreslaw.com today and let us help you start your path again.…Read More

  7. Estate Planning

    There is more to estate planning then just a simple will. If you are wealthy or not, it is important to plan your estate so that your heirs do not have difficulty in distributing your assets according to your wishes. They will know how to distribute any charitable contributions and take care of any tax and creditor concerns easier. Visit www.oreslaw.com today for more information concerning estate…Read More

  8. Have Legal Issues to Solve?

    If you have legal issues that you need help solving, contact Ores Law and get experience, honesty and integrity. We deal in multiple types of legal concerns such as estates, trusts, bankruptcy among several others. Visit www.oreslaw.com today to discuss about your legal needs.…Read More

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